Billibub Baddings and the Case of the Singing Sword

This was a fun jaunt for me. Not a huge role, but a bit pivotal come the end, in a plot-supporting sort of way. My role is Daphne, the hat-check girl, who is a little more than she lets you see from the outside appearance. The best part for me, in this role, was how I exited. 😀

It was also the first time I heard a podiobook recorded in this fashion. Half-book, half-audio drama. Full-cast, sound effects, the whole shabang. Bravo, Mr. Morris, Bravo.

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(Note: Although these chapters contain Daphne’s role in the book, I highly suggest listening to the entire story all the way through. Trust me, it will be entirely worth it!)

Chapter 9: Any Friend of Lou’s (Daphne’s first appearance):

Chapter 15: Hell, Hell, The Gang’s All Here (Daphne’s exit):