The Tech Phx Planning Season Is On!

I am so excited to announce that a new season of conferencing has arrived! When last we spoke, the conference known as PodcampAZ was laid to rest, and a new name emerged… TechPhx! Which, well, is the only thing to change. It’s still going to cover all the awesome topics, and have all the awesome panels it did before, but the name will now be more… fitting (and awesome*).

Well, there was one small change. Tyler has stepped back from leading the charge this year. Apparently he’s getting married or something, and wants to focus on that right now. Our Tyler, growing up so fast! So, after what was probably too much deliberation (on my part), I’m going to be taking his place as leader this year! I am super-excited, because I don’t look at it as if I’m in charge. I am still looking at this conference as a group effort, and we want to get as much community involvement as possible. We just need someone to call meetings to order, right? RIGHT?

Although the types of sessions themselves are not changing, and we’re keeping with our unconference theme, we do have some new ideas we’d like to incorporate into this years’ conference. I don’t want to reveal it all now- but what it involves is a way to spotlight all the great things the valley has to offer. And there are a ton of great groups, gatherings, and conferences in the valley.

However, we need your help to do it. Mark those calendars for Saturday, February 11th. 10:00 am, Room 203, at the University of Advancing Technology (where last year’s conference was held).  We are especially making an appeal to those who run other conferences, camps, and clubs during the year in the valley. You know, Ignite, Social Media Club, WordCamp, EPublish Unum…  etc. All we need are one or two representatives to come out and hear what our big idea is. We think you’ll like it. Of course beyond that, anyone and everyone is invited to get involved with this year’s TechPhx. Something you loved last year? Help us make it better. Something you didn’t love so much? Help us make it better.

RSVP Here!

I’ve said it before- I was blown away with what a group of 8 or 9 of us did last year with Podcamp. With 20 people, or 30… well I can’t even imagine the degree of awesome and amazing TechPhx can reach.

Actually I can. So see you on February 11th!

*I’ve been watching a LOT of “How I Met Your Mother” lately.