Facebook settings

The Best Way To Check Facebook Privacy

Many of my friends worry about privacy on Facebook. You can see how your profile looks to non-friends by choosing the drop down menu next to the View Activity Log. Choose “View As” and it shows your public profile. You can also choose to view as as specific person and see your profile as they see it. Then you can adjust your privacy settings accordingly. Easy-peasy!

Keep in mind however that this does not cover privacy settings in regards to tagging of photos and posts. “Friends of friends” are posts that can be seen not only by your friends, but also their friends if you are tagged in a post or photo. You can alter those settings as well. These are good things to keep in mind if your child is on Facebook. You might want stronger privacy settings for them. Many skip over settings that go beyond the main profile page, or they don’t set up privacy at all since Facebook doesn’t automatically set up your profile as private when you join.

There are many complaints about Facebook privacy, but you do have control over who sees what. You just have to be pro-active in how you set up your account.

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