Devon Adams
Creative Commons photo by Devon Adams.

Tell The Story Of Your Business

I’m a storyteller. I discovered this from my husband, who told me indirectly. See, when I have something to share, the point of what I’m sharing is usually prefaced by a couple minutes of set-up. My husband is a more direct type of person, after a couple of minutes I can see him becoming impatient so I jump to the point. I realized recently this is not just me droning on (although sometimes I imagine it is), but telling a story. I don’t think he knows he has given me this realization. Thank you honey!

Over the years, and particularly on social media, I have learned which platforms are best used to share a short and long-form version of stories. Hence why I am blogging this today.

Every business has a story. From the origins of a product idea, to the continuing day-to-day activity, on social media you should be sharing your story.

I share tons of information on my social pages, but I try and put a personal twist on what I share. Always answer the “why”: Why are you sharing this particular link, photo, or video?

The answer to the “why” is your post. If you know your business and what your goals are, the why is easy. The “why” is your story.

Yes, you can throw in something more direct if there is something you’re selling or promoting, (I believe there’s an entrepreneur out there who calls them “right hooks.” 😉 ) but always come back to the story. Be personal, yet professional. Show the struggle, show the successes, tie it into the information you’re sharing. Show how others have benefited from your product. Ask others to share their own stories.

Social media is storytelling.

Answer the “why.”

Tell your story.