Dani Cutler leaning on tree
Photo by Chanelle Sinclair of The Fates Co.

About Dani

Connecting people. Building community. My name is Dani Cutler and I’m a digital marketer, social media manager, radio personality, podcaster and event promoter.

I was classically trained in music since elementary school, and have developed a good ear for sound. Through that I understand the importance of listening, not just to music but to each other. From 2006-2012 I hosted, wrote, and produced a current events podcast called Truth Seekers. Connecting with the online community also led to voice-acting roles in audio dramas and books. In 2007 I became the mid-day announcer for KWSS Independent Radio based in Phoenix, Arizona, which included at 70’s-90’s “retro” music hour called Dani’s Diner. In 2016 I moved to mornings. During my 16 years with the station, I was also the Promotions and Marketing manager for the station along with co-managing daily operations. You often found me at a local music show around town, and from my relationships with the indie music community became known as “Scene Mom.”

With the continuing growth of social media, I submerged myself in the technology-based community volunteering for PodcampAZ (which became TechPhx). In 2012 I became the leader of the organizing committee, which was very successful with over 200 attendees and 20+ speakers during the two-day event. I also spent a year organizing Brownbag presentations at Gangplank Chandler. Through these organizations I have gained insight into how social media and digital marketing works, and how best to connect with people, online and off.

You can see more about my experience via LinkedIn.

On the personal side, I never have a dull moment with my husband of now 30 years, two daughters, and our dog Lizzie. I was a CASA volunteer for children in the foster-care system for eight years.


About the Business

I have always had a knack for connecting and promoting the community, which has been perfected thanks to my audio work, as well as working at Gangplank, organizing TechPhx, and managing

Dani leaning on desk
(Photo by Chanelle Sinclair of The Fates Co.)

daily operations at KWSS Radio. In September of 2012 a friend was looking for a social media manager for her small business, and asked for my help. That was the springboard, and has led to other clients that needed the same assistance. The business grew from there. I specialize in creating content, developing marketing and promotional strategies, and even the timing of posts to gain the most engagement organically.

I provide social media management and marketing with a focus on community-building. It’s not just about advertising, it’s about connecting with your customers on a personal level. It means listening to their wants and needs, and responding to them directly. With my background in podcasting and radio I also understand the importance of various forms of communication to connect with your audience. I have experience in writing, recording, and audio editing to create quality content.

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