Ok ok, I might be exaggerating a bit with this title, because it’s certainly not a secret. This is more of an addendum to my post about how a lot of Likes on a Page mean little if no one is engaging with the page. Did you know you can check basic stats on any Page?

If you ever want to see what sort of reach a Page has, click on the “Likes” section under the name of the page (I circled it all nice and clear for you in the photo). It shows you some basic insights of the page, including a graph of activity (bonus fun- hover the mouse over points on the graph). You don’t have to be a page manager to see it! Just one more thing to distract you as you play on Facebook!

Remember, if your favorite pages aren’t doing so great, you can help give them a boost just by liking, commenting, and sharing their posts a little more. The more you engage with a Page, the more of that Page’s followers will see all of their great posts, and will encourage more of your friends to check out more Pages! I’ve found many a new page to like because of my other friends engaging.

Now get out there and like something! As for me, I’m going to hunt around and see if I’m supposed to even use Page as a proper noun.

Thanks for reading! If you feel so inclined, you can follow my daily ramblings on Twitter, and get all sorts of information from my Facebook Page! See you around the interwebs!

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