In Support Of Local Bands On Facebook

Facebook is still the top social networking site, and if you are a band, it's a smart move to have a Facebook Page. Making some grand statement about how having that Page doesn't matter is a disservice to the local bands that are out there working their tails off for a craft they can only hope to make into something lucrative. Not everyone can be the next Gin Blossoms or Kongos, but exposure and support everywhere you can doesn't hurt.

TechPhx Update!

One of the many places I volunteer my time is TechPHX. If you don't know, it is a weekend unconference covering just about anything technology and social media related. Podcasts, video, photography, code... ses... Read More...

The Tech Phx Planning Season Is On!

I am so excited to announce that a new season of conferencing has arrived! When last we spoke, the conference known as PodcampAZ was laid to rest, and a new name emerged... TechPhx! Which, well, is the only thi... Read More...