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Size Means Nothing If No One Sees It!

I see a lot of posts on Facebook pages patting themselves on the back for reaching milestone followers: 100, 1,000, 10,000, etc. When I first look at a Facebook page, I don’t look at how many likes, but the number next to it. I want to see how many are talking about a page. What exactly does that mean? Well, here’s how Facebook describes it:
People Talking About This: Number of people who have created a story about your page. Story is created when someone likes page; posts to wall; likes, comments, or shares page post; answers a question; mentions page; tags page in a photo; checks in at location or recommends.
Basically the point is this: A million people can like a page, but if no one is sharing or talking about the content, it doesn’t matter.
 Now don’t get me wrong. Likes are a good thing, and they will increase stats- temporarily. It gives the page potential when people are interacting.  The more likes, the more people see content. If only 10 people like a page, then sure, if 5 are talking about it, that’s a great percentage! Yes, having people like the page is very important.
Think about your News Feed for a minute. What are the things you see when scrolling? You see a mixture of posts from your friends, pages you follow, the same photo shared 10 times. What else? You see what friends comment on. You see what statuses friends like. You also see what PAGES friends like, as well as comments on pages. I’ve found many a page to like because of someone else liking it.
Businesses- if you want more people to see your page, you have to create the content to make interaction possible. Sometimes a few “likes” are all you need to get that ball rolling. Encourage interaction. Ask questions, have a “call to action” in the post. People love photos and video. Links are less likely to be seen. Don’t slam your page with posts, either. If you start going over 5 or 6 in a day, people might not like that in their feed. Then again, it all depends on your business and what you are posting.

It’s important to know your audience. As you see, some pages have more talking about them than likes!

Casual Users- A simple “like” can go a long way. If you believe in a business, or want to support one, all you have to do is like a status occasionally. Leave a quick comment. Share something they have posted. You all ready know it doesn’t take any time to do it. Now you also know that you could be helping that business increase their presence, and in turn helping them grow and become successful.

PS- all the pages here in my examples are great pages, and should be given a look- and a like. Look them up!

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