Dani Cutler with a friend

You never forget your first… client

(Written May 2013.)

I was thinking the other day that I have now been running this business for 7 1/2 months. It’s been a very exciting ride so far, and really I have my friend Cheyenne to thank for helping me decide to take that step.

I say “helping me decide”, but what she really did is give me a push. Back in September she was still in the beginning stages of her own business, My AZ Kitchen. It was in the very early beginning stages over the summer, and I gave HER a push to join Startup Weekend Chandler and really get it moving. It worked too- by the end of the weekend she had made so many connections, she not only had her online tools, but funding to get a space open as well.

During this time I had been looking for work and sending out resumes, and not getting anything back. It was pretty frustrating. So when Cheyenne came to me looking for a social media manager, I was excited to discuss the possibility with her. She wasn’t able to hire me as staff, and that is when the suggestion came up that I just make her a client, and start my own business. My response?

“Well, ok then!” My business was born.

Now, many people say that you should never do business with friends you want to keep. I admit I was a little worried. Our daughters are also good friends, and going into a business arrangement with a friend could certainly turn into a train wreck if you’re not careful. However, we both seem to know each other’s personality pretty well, and it turns out we complement each other with our strengths. We also have a similar belief system, and I know her mission. I knew how to properly voice this online. She also gave me the freedom to take control of the kitchen social media and really figure out what works and what doesn’t in regards to gaining a following. She put her faith in my abilities, and I am forever grateful to her. My work for her has helped me gain clients, because that is the first thing people are going to look at when they want to hire someone in social media- they want to see how you you actually *do* it.

Now that our contract is up, I’m a little sad. I had a lot of fun creating content for the kitchen! I like to think it showed in the postings, and in the engagement with other fans of the kitchen on Facebook and Twitter. How can you not have fun with food, right? I will always be thankful that we could mutually help each other and get our businesses moving!

Best part of all? Cheyenne and I are still friends, and I think even closer now that we’ve worked together! She has so many amazing things lined up in the future, something tells me we will be able to do business together again.

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