Social media facts

If You Don’t Invest, You’re Going To Miss Out

Do you find yourself searching on social media for a business more and more? You’re not alone, according to this Infographic from Balihoo, 91% of local searches use Facebook to find a business online.

Ninety-one percent. That is saying pretty much anyone who has a Facebook account has searched for a business while browsing around on the site. I know I do it- and most of the time I get better information from their social media pages than I do if I visit their website. Or *shudder* call them on the phone.

In another infographic, it states that 81% of small businesses see the value of using social media as a business tool. In this quarterly Small Business Wellness Index survey from Mantra, it states that 80% of businesses have increased or kept their time invested in social media compared to a year ago.

Look around as you’re out and about. What is everyone doing? They are scanning their social media feeds. On their phones. On their tablets. On their laptops.

If you don’t make a true investment in social media, and budget appropriately, they are not going to see you. When they need your product, they are going to choose someone else.

Social media is a science. It takes work. It takes an investment of time, and yes, money. Here’s some motivation, the top brands using social media and their growth. Here’s another list of the best brands on Facebook. Here’s a list of the most engaging brands on Twitter.

It’s worth it. Don’t miss out.

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