I get that question alot. I’m new at this business thing, and I’ve blogged recently about how I finally made the decision to branch out on my own. Still, I haven’t done a whole lot of advertising. I cross-post things occasionally on my personal Facebook page, but for the most part I don’t want to turn people off by talking about my business all the time. I even feel weird blogging about it now, though I absolutely love it. I’ve always been a connector, and social media is all about connecting with others. It just fit to help small businesses do the same.

So, as my business Facebook page says, “Content Creation and Management.” What the heck is that? It’s exactly what it says. I create content in the form of posts, tweets, updates, photos, memes, podcasts and video for use on social media. I’ve been volunteering my time for many years now with KWSS radio and TechPhx, and running their social media. I’ve learned so much, and am fascinated with the way social media works, and how people respond to it.

It’s also interesting to see how small businesses use it, which is another thing that prompted me to start this business. Number one thing I see? Businesses don’t put enough into their social media. This is not their fault however. As one of those small business owners, I get it. Time is hard to come by. When you are out there working on the other 5,000 parts of your business, you can’t exactly stay connected 100% of the time on social media. You’ve got things to do!

This is why I made my business social media. I make the posts, I check the comments. I interact with other people and businesses for you. I find information to share that is relevant to your brand, so that you become a valuable source of information for anyone who follows you. My philosophy is if people get to know you and what you are about, they will want to know more about your business. After all, we started our businesses because we have something worthy to share, right? That’s what you want people to see, and I help make that happen. I help you be seen.

I can also help you be heard. With years of audio and podcasting experience, I know the value of using a podcast to further your reach with current and potential clients. People love to listen to stories and learn more about who they are seeing in their social media feeds. Podcasting is the perfect compliment to social media promotions.

So that’s really it. That’s my business. My business is helping small businesses be seen and heard. I help them make it more personal and engaging. There’s alot of content out there, and my goal is to make a small business stand out from all of the other content out there, so their name is what comes to a person’s mind when they are looking for something specific.

Not only do I do this to help businesses be successful, I want to get to know you too! Social media works for me because I’m so social! Find me over on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

About The Author

I provide social media management for small businesses, with a focus on community-building. It’s about connecting with your customers on a personal level. It means listening to their wants and needs, and responding to them directly. I also have experience in podcasting, audio editing and writing. Ask me how I can make your business stand out from the rest!

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