I miss being out among you. Photo by David Majure.

Hi Fam,

Scene Mom here, how are you? Getting enough sleep? Drinking enough water? I know so many of you are hurting right now. If nothing else just the situation alone is scary. I feel the anxiety in your posts, there are too many question marks right now. One thing I can assure you of is this- it will pass. I’m here for you, personally and professionally.

I know you miss creating music and performing. It’s especially difficult right now if you are a part of a band. They are your family. Many of you are taking to live streaming, and this is a fabulous idea. It not only helps all of us who are also at home, but I am sure it helps give you a creative outlet and a way to still connect when you are not able to perform live in front of an audience. There have been questions about whether it’s good to get together as a band to live stream at this time. I’m not going to go into that, other than to say everyone’s arrangement is different and we should all be aware of this.

What I want to make sure you do know: If the reason you want to live-stream is to make sure you have content to post so you’re not forgotten, you’re fine. You don’t need a live-stream to have content. You already have the content, and it doesn’t have to be current or new. Just off the top of my head:

– past videos

– past photos

– links to merch/music

– Spotify and other streaming links

– silly memes to make everyone smile

– current video/photos of you and band members from their own homes

– links to what you are listening to/watching currently while at home

That is just for starters. This is easily a month of content, a post a day or every other day. If you want to really get ahead, use Creator Studio and you can schedule both Facebook and Instagram in advance! Have no idea what the hell I’m talking about? Message me. I’ll help you.

The scene is not dead, live music will return. I want you to be ready when it does, and it will be much easier to promote your first post-isolation show if you keep up with your social media now. If you do drop new music, or have a live stream, make sure to let me know. Other than the streaming-only sites KWSS Radio is the only station in the Phoenix area reaching your audience and playing your music. Our listeners are the ones who come to the live shows, and trust me they miss you too!

Be well everyone, and do me a favor? Eat a salad.

I love this scene and all of you,



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