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Supporting Businesses and Organizations On Social Media

During these times when so many businesses are struggling due to not being open or having to limit their capacity, many of their patrons and friends want to continue supporting them. One of easiest ways to do this is word-of-mouth. Now we have a digital word-of-mouth with social media, and it can be a very powerful tool. If it’s used correctly. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you are wanting to support any business or organization online.

* Tag them! Most if not all have their own Facebook Page, Instagram account, Twitter, etc. Use the ‘@’ symbol and find them. Also make sure you have followed and liked their accounts too!

* Be careful when auto-posting to other sites. When you automatically have Instagram post to your Facebook account, the tags on the business will not carry over. Your friends will have no way to click to the business Page and support them. Plus it can be difficult to decipher what a user name on Instagram is vs. the business on Facebook. No one will want to take the time to find out, hence a missed opportunity to truly support that business.

* Like and comment on the business’s posts so that more of your followers will see them. On Facebook, directly share their posts on your page.

Thank you for supporting others!